आर्मी अफसर के घर से मिला गौमांस, कैश और विस्फोटक पदार्थ, देखें वीडियो


Retired colonel’s house raided; caught Rs 1 crore cash, animal skins along with that 35 pistols were also recovered in Meerut.

The Revenue department raided in Meerut in former colonel’s home. According to the report; 35 pistols and 50,000 cartridges and many other things were found and seized.

Former colonel’s house raided; caught Rs 1 crore cash, animal skinsAlong with guns and bullets; animal skins and parts were also seized with Rs 1 crore cash from the house. The retired officer has managed to run away with his wife and son. Approximately, 117 kg meat was also recovered from the freezer.

Chief Conservator of Forests Mukesh Kumar stated that a sample of meat has been taken and sent to a laboratory for testing.

Legal actions will be taken against the former army officer under Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. The investigation will be done on him for keeping Rs. 1 crore in cash and keeping guns with other ammunitions.

Watch the video to know in more detail about the raid and what other things were seized in the raid.

Courtsey: ViralInindia.net
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